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ACRO-CORE is a lotion designed for repairing and straightening lightened and/or damaged hair based on The Crown’s five molecules. Each molecule in the series is produced from a different raw material which is naturally rich in this molecule. The molecular composition of the product was designed so that during use, every molecule would play a significant part, and together they reconstruct and repair the structure of the hair, while providing a straightening effect for healthy smooth hair. The Crown brand is completely free of any forms of Formaldehyde and Aldehyde. The results are perfect for your customer’s crown and for your professional satisfaction.


Thoroughly wash the hair twice with The Crown Pre-Treatment Shampoo to completely cleanse hair and scalp.
Dry the hair with a dry towel, then blow dry the hair until completely dry.
Shake the lotion well and pour the desired amount into a bowl.
With a silicone dyeing brush, apply the lotion to all areas of the hair, in 1.5 cm thick strokes, and at a distance of 1/2 cm from the scalp.
After completing the lotion application process, wait approximately 60 minutes (depending on how quickly the customer’s hair dries naturally). It is highly recommended to use a heat-retaining cap in order to preserve and increase the hair’s moisture.
Rinse the hair for a few seconds, over a washing basin, using lukewarm water. Massage the hair from the root to tip, focusing on the hair’s tips. It is recommended to use a wide-toothed comb. Afterwards, rinse with lukewarm water.
Using a hair dryer and brush, dry the hair making sure to blow dry it straight.
After diagnosing the hair’s condition and strength, gather small sections of hair and gently smooth them with a professional ceramic hair iron. Go over each section of hair 4-8 times, paying special attention to avoid getting too close to the hair’s roots. The optimal temperature is 150-180˚C/302-356˚F. Be extra gentle with fine hair. Finish the process by blow drying the hair. It’s recommended to use a finishing brush.
After completing the treatment process, let the hair rest for a few minutes, so that it adjusts to its new shape and texture, then complete the whole process by washing the hair twice with The Crown Post Shampoo. Finally, apply the Treatment Mask all over the hair, and comb it through to uniformly spread the mask. Wait 2 minutes, and then rinse well.
To complete the treatment, spread The Crown’s Hero Lotion (a leave-in lotion) on the moist hair. Using the palms of your hands, spread the lotion throughout the hair, comb well, and dry completely.
It is recommended to refresh the tips of the hair with scissors, rather than an electric trimmer.

Product information:

No. of Washes Wait time Straightener Temperature Bio Ceramide Strength
2 Approx. 60 minutes 150-180˚C/302-356˚F 12345678910
For maximum results, straighten hair with

*The Crown’s professional educational staff will be happy to visit your salon to instruct your staff.