Supreme Mask


What to expect: Hair that’s never been so manageable . Hair that feels light, smooth and
sleek . Hair that’s intensely nourished from root to tip . Soft and shiny hair that’s glossy and

How it works: The Crown Supreme Mask features unique molecular bonds from three of
the five molecules in The Crown’s molecule delivery system. Acai juice, mustard oil and
keratin. This powerful molecular complex brings the salon procedure home so you have
months of perfect haircare and the ultimate in volume. Keratin and mustard oil provide hair
with must-have vitamins E, A, omega 3 and 6, antioxidants and proteins. Both are high in nourishing and hydrating ingredients that repair the surface of the hair and help it to retain moisture. The Crown’s unique use of acai juice works like magic to repair split ends and control stubborn frizz.

How to use:​ After shampooing with The Crown Fine the Volume Shampoo, squeeze out any excess water and evenly distribute the mask throughout hair, leave in for 2-3 minutes and rinse out. We recommend: Leave the Supreme Mask on overnight and rinse out the following morning once a month.

Size: 500 ML . 16.9 OZ