Hero Supreme Serum


What to expect: Hair that feels nourished and
manageable after every use . Fewer visible signs of
hair damage . Hair that looks light as a feather and
smooth as silk . No more split ends . No more dryness and color damage . Packed with strengthening elastic and anti-frizz ingredients .
Restores hair’s strength.

How to use:​ Apply 2-4 drops (depending on hair
length) evenly throughout dry or towel-dried hair.
Style as desired.

Size: 60 ML . 2.11 OZ

How it works: Every once in a while, a revolutionary product is designed and we’re proud to be able to
bring it to you. The Crown Supreme Serum features
unique molecular bonds from three of the five
molecules in The Crown’s molecule delivery system.
Bio-ceramide, acai juice and keratin. This powerful
molecular complex brings the salon procedure home
so you have months of perfect haircare.